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In With the Old, In With the New! PART III

After reading Part 1 and Part 2, I hope you have already picked up some tips to guide you with an old with new scheme!

Here are my final two pieces of advice!


5. Scale and Proportion

The final area I recommend considering is the scale and proportion of your furniture. These terms may sound overly technical. However, they are concepts that are worth familiarising yourself with as they are hugely important in an interiors scheme. Some say it can make or break a room.

Scale refers to the general size of an object in relation to other objects, the space around it and the human body. For example, kitchen counter-tops are usually a standard height as this scale works best with the average human body.

Francis Sultana Design plays with scale and proportion expertly.

Proportion, however, refers to the shape and size of a piece in relation to the other pieces in a specific space or scheme. Designers must consider the proportions in a room in order for their work to appear balanced and well-planned.

In the above example, the proportions are balanced expertly. The large, dominant sofa is paired with a very large, bold piece of art. Beside these weightier items, there are more dainty elements such as the two spindly side tables, the narrow stem lamp and the thin lines in the smaller artwork.


6. Express Yourself!

If you have decided to go for this style of interiors you are most likely creative and have an eye for design, be it natural or learned. It is not an easy task to successfully pair a 1930's console, a 1970's patterned rug and a contemporary l-shaped sofa. However, if you consider all of the areas I have discussed, you will be well equipped in creating a perfectly curated space.

All technicalities and design approaches aside, however, I believe that your scheme will come to life if you use it to express your personality. Having fun with pieces and portraying a little piece of yourself makes a room stand out more than any learned approach.

And with that, I will leave you with this stunning example of mixing old with new. This luxurious co-living space in Barcelona is shockingly beautiful. From the gold-gilded ceilings, sleek-modern kitchen, mid-century dining set, right down to the contemporary geometric tiled flooring, this scheme is perfection!

Thanks for reading!

O & T


Image credits

  1. Covet & Noir

  2. Francis Sultana

  3. Barbara Corsico (shot of Marisa Coppiano's apartment)

  4. Estudio Vilablanch

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