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Dreamy Destination: Le Sirenuse, Positano

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In 1951, four Neopolitan siblings decided to transform their humble holiday home into what is now the luxurious, 58-room resort that is Le Sirenuse.

Located on the illustrious Amalfi coast, this traditional yet captivating hotel remains loyal to its rich Italian heritage while appealing to the lux-living patrons who are lucky enough to frequent its doors.

Four siblings decided to convert their family holiday home in the 1950s.

The interior boasts iconic colour combinations, symbolic of the vibrancy of its surroundings. Soft, fresh linens paired with vivid blues, yellows, oranges. Banana leaves, vines and succulents snaked around the inviting alcoves facilitates a welcome break from the scorching sun outside.

You can taste the Aperol and smell the lemon zest!

Some day!

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